Getting Out Among ‘Em

Getting a big punch in your sales numbers sometimes requires more than blogging daily; it means getting out in front of your customers and what better way to do this than by scheduling your products front and center at community events.  For 17 years I have walked the parade route of the Pacific Palisades 4th of July Parade and event marked with celebrities and community stalwarts as 20,000 attendees watch a one-hour-long 12 block celebration complete with By Scout troops, area  high school bands, horses and an occasional elephant. Never have I seen a sidewalk sales effort selling classy beautiful hats much needed for the parade and usable beyond that day,. But this fashion Debbie Lawrence popped up a both in from the Closed YMCA and put her online wares on the display on the street.

Anyone can watch local community calendars and be sure to make a plan for scheduling one’s booth at each and everyone of them great for face to face buyer experiences focus group feedback and sales! Zero marketing costs except spending 4th of July at a great parade!


Hats lady